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About Double-wall brazed tubing

  • Detects critical defects: Finds typical processing defects such as flaws in the inner and outer seam, copper spots and runs
  • Inline inspection: Immediate test results and feedback on the production process
  • Offline inspection: Tubes can also be tested after production has been completed
  • Completely automated: Operators are free to carry out other tasks while PR??FTECHNIK equipment automatically tests, sorts and documents results
All of the world's major manufacturers of double-wall brazed tubing have chosen PR??FTECHNIK equipment for the quality inspection of their products. Experienced production managers rely on our eddy current testing equipment to detect the full range of critical defects and thus to provide important feedback on the production process. The EDDYCHEK 5 equipment distinguishes between inner and outer seam flaws, copper spots and runs, as well as other defect types.

Reated Projects

Continuous drawing line

  • Input control: Identification of bad quality rolled wire (drawing lines for thick wire)
  • Process control: Monitoring of production lines to avoid scrap (medium and fine drawing blocks)<

Sensitive bar testing

Application fields

  • Production type: very high quality bars and seamless tubes
  • Materials: round black or bright steel (ferromagnetic); rolled, straightened or sand blasted
  • Diamet

Fine wire

  • Inspection: Continuous inspection using encircling coil
  • Wire characteristics: Diameters down to 0.05 mm; tungsten, molybdenum, etc.
  • Production line: Drawing and rewinding lines

Hot rolled copper rod

  • Ferrous inclusion detection: A specially designed FERROCHEK module detects ferrous inclusions in the copper
  • Rolling defect detection: Simultaneous identification of laps, crac