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About Black and bright bar

  • Offline inspection: For final quality check after straightening, peeling or polishing using conveyor system
  • Continuous drawing lines: Inline inspection of bars, Ø up to 42 mm (1.65 in)
  • Peeling machines, etc.
  • Bar characteristics: All metals; black and bright bar;  Ø 2-120 mm (0.084¾ in)
  • Inspection equipment: Rotating system for the detection of longitudinal flaws in combination with encircling coil for transverse defects
PRÜFTECHNIK's comprehensive inspection system has proven invaluable to manufacturers of black and bright bar for reliable quality control. The dual inspection strategy provides excellent identification of both longitudinal and transverse defects. The robust rotating system is extremely sensitive to longitudinal cracks and tears while an encircling coil is used to catch transverse flaws.PRÜFTECHNIK offers a series of rotating systems (RS35HSRS65RS130) that cover a wide range of tube diameters.They can be used in conjunction with several of our eddy current inspection systems, depending on individual requirements.

Reated Projects

Inline testing

  • Input control: Identification of bad quality material, e.g. rolled wire (drawing lines for thick wire), bar, tube or pipe
  • Quality control: Detection of defective areas in tes

Compound tubing

  • Inspection: Identification of weld seam defects in the internal metal layer of compound tubing
  • Diameter: 10-60 mm (0.4-2.4 in)
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Sheathed products

Eddy current technology can be used to detect splices, connecting wedges or joint inside coated material such as steel tubes with PVC insulation. In this example, an EDDYSENSOR and an e

Sensitive bar testing

Application fields

  • Production type: very high quality bars and seamless tubes
  • Materials: round black or bright steel (ferromagnetic); rolled, straightened or sand blasted
  • Diamet