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About Rotating System RS35HS

High speed rotating system

  • For identification of longitudinal defects in high speed applications
  • Diameter range: 3-35 mm (1/8-1¼ in)
  • Rotational speeds of 6 000, 9 000 and 12 000 rpm allow high testing speeds
  • Inline and offline inspection in applications such as wire drawing, cold heading and spring making
  • Rapid diameter adjustment from the outside without opening the device
The RS35HS rotating system has been designed specifically for user-friendly operation. Whether in the setup mode or during testing, there is no need to open the device when changing to a new material. All procedures can be carried out externally, increasing safety and shortening change over times.The RS35HS is capable of finding longitudinal defects in bar, wire and seamless tubing at very high speeds. Unlike standard coils that move parallel to the defect, the probes in the rotating system spin around the test piece, crossing a longitudinal defect multiple times, thereby delivering a very accurate picture of defect characteristics. The high rotation rate of this system (up to 12 000 rpm) ensures that the surface is scanned completely, even at high speeds. With the precision provided by the lift-off compensation system, which compensates for variations in the gap between the probes and test material, the rotating system represents an extremely reliable method for defect detection.

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