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Ultra-sensitive bar testing system

  • High speed testing
  • Cost-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Documented test results
  • Compatibility
  • As a producer of black or bright metal bars, you are confronted with customer demands for high quality products - and for good reason, since semi-finished products are often used in safety critical parts for public transport, automobiles, construction, etc.We can help you find cracks reliably and reduce scrap and material expenses effectively. The NOVAFLUX flux leakage system provides a dependable and reasonably priced method for ultra-sensitive bar testing: It detects cracks as small as 0.1 mm in depth.

    Reated Projects


    Detection of corner defects

    • For detection of transverse cracks or short longitudinal defects
    • Inspects square billlets, 80-130 mm on one side (3-5 inches)
    • Syst

    Magnetization Units

    Electromagnetic saturation units

    • Different sizes available to accomodate all encircling coil sizes
    • Test piece diameter: 0.1-227 mm (1/8-8 7/8 inches)

    Special sensor for basic detection problems

    • Specialized on simple testing problems requiring a single sensor
    • Delayed signal output capabilites
    • Clear bar graph display o

    Demagnetization Units

    Reliable demagnetization in the production line

    • AC and DC versions, usually used in pairs
    • Test piece diameter: 0.1-227 mm (1/8-8 7/8 inches); 
      larger siz