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About Inspection Assemblies

Coil holders

  • Four sizes to accomodate different encircling coil sizes
  • Test piece diameters: 0.1-175 mm (1/8 - 6 7/8 inches)
Inspection assemblies are robust coil holders for encircling coils when testing non-ferrous material. Available in varius designs.

Reated Projects


Ultra-sensitive bar testing system

  • High speed testing
  • Cost-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Documented test results
  • Compatibility
  • As a produc

    Demagnetization Units

    Reliable demagnetization in the production line

    • AC and DC versions, usually used in pairs
    • Test piece diameter: 0.1-227 mm (1/8-8 7/8 inches); 
      larger siz


    Eddy current tester for hot rod testing

    • Precision eddy current system
    • Testing hot rod and bar, max. temp. 1200 °C (2192 °F)
    • All metals
    • Recorder for


    Economical eddy current testing

    • Modular equipment for applications that require up to four testing coils such as the rotating system
    • Simple bar graph display of defects