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About Special Segment Coil Holder

Coil holders

Using four segment coils, this coil holder was specially designed for weld seam and circumferential testing. The frame opens to allow removal of the system from the production line, e.g. for calibration. The holder is mounted on a sliding table along with a longitudinal magnetization unit for weld seam testing.

Reated Projects

Magnetization Units

Electromagnetic saturation units

  • Different sizes available to accomodate all encircling coil sizes
  • Test piece diameter: 0.1-227 mm (1/8-8 7/8 inches)
EDDYCHEK 5 advanced

The trendsetter in eddy current testing

  • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system
  • All major applications requiring 1 or 2 test coils or rotating system
  • Extremely simple


    Detection of corner defects

    • For detection of transverse cracks or short longitudinal defects
    • Inspects square billlets, 80-130 mm on one side (3-5 inches)
    • Syst

    Longitudinal Magnetization Units

    Electromagnetic saturation units

    • Various lengths and sizes
    • Test head can be raised pneumatically
    • Low cost magnetization units with permanent magnets also available