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About Longitudinal Magnetization Units

Electromagnetic saturation units

  • Various lengths and sizes
  • Test head can be raised pneumatically
  • Low cost magnetization units with permanent magnets also available
This unit longitudinally magnetizes ferrous material for weld seam inspection.  Available in various designs.

Reated Projects


Pulse encoders

  •  Robust design for harsh testing environment available
Pulse encoder for defect marking, sorting, and data reports independent of speed.


Ultra-sensitive bar testing system

  • High speed testing
  • Cost-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Documented test results
  • Compatibility
  • As a produc

    Rotating System RS65

    Testing for longitudinal defects

    • For identification of longitudinal defects
    • Diameter range: 5-65 mm (3/16-2½ in)
    • Lift-off compensation system fo

    EDDYCHEK 5 Hot

    Testing of hot rolled material

    • Early warning of process problems that impair quality
    • Detection of gradual quality deterioration using EDDYTREND
    • Replay of testing histor