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About Alarm Units

Horns etc.

  • Alert user to material defects and/or system errors
Optical unit: Lamp
Flashes repeatedly to warn the user of material defects or system errors.
Acoustic unit: Horn
Alerts the user to material defects and/or system errors.

Reated Projects

EDDYCHEK 5 advanced

The trendsetter in eddy current testing

  • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system
  • All major applications requiring 1 or 2 test coils or rotating system
  • Extremely simple


    Analyzing test signals

    The DATA LOGGER is the new reporting software for displaying, recording, and analyzing the amplitude and XY signals that  EDDYCHEK 5 advanced generates througho


    Eddy current sensors

    • Various diameters
    • Various  inspection core positions   
    • Various probe lengths
    Probes are small sensors that can be used for


    Special sensor for basic detection problems

    • Specialized on simple testing problems requiring a single sensor
    • Delayed signal output capabilites
    • Clear bar graph display o