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About EDDYCHEK 5 advanced

The trendsetter in eddy current testing

  • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system
  • All major applications requiring 1 or 2 test coils or rotating system
  • Extremely simple operation featuring touch screen monitor
  • Extensive signal evaluation options
  • Complete documentation of test results and statistics
  • Connection to host computer or central controlling network

  • EDDYCHEK 5 sets new trends in quality control that offer impressive benefits: clear and simple touch screen operation, flexible signal evaluation for precise defect location, easy-to-configure inputs and outputs, and a variety of test result reports. With central production control systems becoming ever more prevalent in the industry, the networking capabilities of EDDYCHEK 5 are of utmost importance. In addition, it is designed for installation in 19" racks. EDDYCHEK 5 succeeds the well-known EDDYCHEK LAB 2, which began testing product quality more than 20 years ago with previously unheard-of reliability and ease of use.

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    PRUFTECHNIK's first analog eddy current equipment

    • Fully customizable to individual applications
    • Modular and extensible
    • Easy to exchange in line
    • Userfriendly

    Economical eddy current testing

    • Modular equipment for applications that require up to four testing coils such as the rotating system
    • Simple bar graph display of defects

    Top-of-the-line eddy current testing

    • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system
    • Vast range of applications thanks to up to eight channels
    • Precise defect analysis usin

    Test Defect Saw

    Portable unit to saw standard defects in tubes, rods and billets

    • For sawing precise slots of standard depth, width and length used in calibrating eddy current test equipment
    • Sm