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Economical eddy current testing

  • Modular equipment for applications that require up to four testing coils such as the rotating system
  • Simple bar graph display of defects
  • Designed for the smaller budget
EDDYCHEK S is a modern, high speed tester capable of a wide scope of applications ranging from one-coil inspection problems (e.g. weld-seam testing) to multichannel applications (e.g. online testing using the rotating system). The modular structure lets you configure EDDYCHEK S precisely for your application, so you only pay for features you need.

Reated Projects

EDDYCHEK 5 advanced

The trendsetter in eddy current testing

  • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system
  • All major applications requiring 1 or 2 test coils or rotating system
  • Extremely simple

  • Segment Coils

    Eddy current sensors

    • With or without absolute channel
    • Test piece diameters: 10-520 mm (3/8-20 7/16 inches) or flat
    • Special coils available with 50°, 90


    Pulse encoders

    •  Robust design for harsh testing environment available
    Pulse encoder for defect marking, sorting, and data reports independent of speed.


    Detection of corner defects

    • For detection of transverse cracks or short longitudinal defects
    • Inspects square billlets, 80-130 mm on one side (3-5 inches)
    • Syst